Fishermen will be in heaven trolling on peaceful Lake Hemet, or rowing into pristine waters on Lake Fulmor. Both located less than 15 minutes from town. These lakes offer a bevy of reeling opportunities for anglers. The Department of Fish and Game stocks rainbow trout from spring through late fall in Lake Fulmor and year-round at Lake Hemet. Largemouth bass, catfish and bluegill also populate both lakes.


Get back to nature and discover the amazing vistas, crystal clear streams and waterfalls, and spectacular pine forests of the Idyllwild area and the San Jacinto mountains. Over 275 miles of hiking trails criss-cross the mountains and remote back roads. Hikes range from the easy Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail for the novice hiker to more challenging treks to Tahquitz Peak, Long Valley or the 7.5 mile ascent to San Jacinto Peak (also reachable by the Palm Springs Tramway). Visit the US Forrest Service ranger station for maps and information located at:
  54270 Pine Crest Idyllwild, CA 92549
  (909) 382-2921

Horseback Riding
Smoke Tree Stables (760-327-1372) is family Owned and operated, and has been for over 75 years. Located in the heart of South Palm Springs up against "Smoke Tree Mountain". We are fortunate to be in this stunning location and at the base of hundreds of miles of trails. We Offer Guided Western hourly or day rides for novice or the most experienced rider. 

Whether you've been enjoying this exciting combination of hiking and treasure - hunting for years, or you've been wondering what it's all about, we've got the perfect launching point for your next geocaching vacation. With 40-plus caches (and growing) just within a 5-mile radius of the center of town. Idyllwild has attracted geocachers from around the world thanks to its unparalleled natural beauty and plethora of hiking trails. It's a great way to explore the untouched beauty of the San Jacinto mountains, with the added benefits of joining an active community of geocachers, achieving a series of goals, benefitting from the trail recommendations of other hikers, and giving back to the Earth and its inhabitants ('cache in, trash out' and 'take something, leave something of equal or greater value' are the basic tenets of the geocaching community).  Geocaching is also a great activity to enjoy with your sweetheart or love interest, or with friends. Visit for more information on this fascinating sport and the variety of geocaches Idyllwild has to offer.

Outdoor Adventures

Boulder Creek Cottage

Tahquitz Peak Fire Lookout

Have questions?  Call 951-837-1556

Mountain Biking

Among the other outdoor activities enjoyed by visitors to Idyllwild, mountain biking has been growing at phenomenal rates over the past several years. Idyllwild's location in Southern California is perfect for people who want to enjoy remote rides, scenic rides, mountainous rides, but don't want to have to deal with tons of people on a trail.

Rock Climbing
Idyllwild California is one of the reputable places where the sport of rock climbing took its hold. The rocks or Tahquitz and Suicide Rock are not only popular because of the wide variety of climbs, but are also snuggled in the Southern California mountains which gives climbers excellent whether to climb in. Tahquitz rock is much more identifiable than its counter-part Suicide Rock. Tahquitz rock can be seen from miles away. It appears from a distance as a little rock stuck in the side of the mountain, but when you are at the base of this rock the term little no applies. The Idyllwild rocks are both multi-pitched crags, and will require rock climbing gear.


What better way is there to spend an afternoon in the mountains than floating on a lazy lake with the sun warming your skin and a paddle in your hands? Whether on 420-acre Lake Hemet surrounded by sweeping vistas or more intimate Lake Fulmor, you're within 15 minutes of 'home base'. Lake Hemet also offers boat rentals and a multitude of other recreational activities, including short hikes through the vegetation surrounding the lake.

Wildlife Watching

The San Bernardino National Forrest's diverse habitat and climate support more than 2,000 native plants, 75 mammals, 55 reptiles, 13 amphibians, and almost 300 birds. Deer, squirrels, rabbits, quail, and toads are frequent callers, and an occasional coyote sighting is not uncommon. A terrific place for bird watching, many species fly, hover, and perch all over town and on our grounds. Feathered visitors include Steller's Jays, California Quail, Purple Finches, Western Tanagers, Mountain Bluebirds, several species of Hummingbirds, Acorn Woodpeckers, Mountain Chickadees, and Northern Harriers.

Adventure Tours
Enjoy the unspoiled treasures of the Inland region from the comfort of an air-conditioned off-road vehicle, or try something more adventurous like hiking in Joshua Tree, hang-gliding over the desert, or zip-lining through the mountain forest, There are several eco-tour companies based in Palm Springs offering a stunning variety of tours led by experts in the local flora, fauna, and history. Be sure to ask about the 'Pines to Palms' tour featuring exclusive access to the most rarely seen areas of the San Jacinto mountains and desert below.